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“Artist’s block” is possibly one of the most frustrating situations for a creative individual. This project is an attempt at exploring that internal struggle through some of Carl Jung’s philosophies on the Individuation Process.


The underlying message of this film is that by learning to listen, and following our inner voice, we would be able to redirect our path towards a unique and self-actualized life where we can realize our true potential.


The story of “Where I’m From” portrays a symbolic expression of that journey that delves deep into the successive layers of the human psyche, and touches on the Jungian Archetypes: Mask (Persona), Ego, Shadow, Anima/Animus, Wise Old Man and the True Self. 


Where I’m From depicts the journey of a struggling artist and a musician whose worlds become synchronized, and only by realizing that they cannot outrun their own Shadow are they able to reach their full potential. 


In a way, through the 8 year long journey of making this film, I have also had to face and come to terms with my shadow in order to complete this film.

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